A very warm welcome
to Kita Children’s World

(former Kita Chinderwält)

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The daycare center Kita Children’s World in Baden-Dättwil offers an innovative, flexible and future-oriented care concept on an overall area of 500 m2, with a capacity of 495 children per day. An environment for children of the age of 3 months until the enrolment into kindergarten, where the concept of “spielend lernen” (“learning while playing”), discovering the world, the living out of their childlike fantasies and curiosity, becoming an individual, is the working world of the children.

«The world of children is colourful and lively, sometimes it’s upside down or completely crooked. Then it becomes shrill and suddenly completely silent again.»

Children are inherently active and curious, always on the move and very goal-oriented. They want to be noticed, experience security, have social experiences, learn how to argue, cry and be able to reconcile…

… conquer nature, dig and get dirty, be creative, experimental, sometimes reach limits, find limits, feel them and learn to deal with them…

… they want to be allowed to be a child.

Please find out what the advantages at Kita Children’s World are:

True to the motto “Always very well looked after”

Open 51 weeks a year

This allows you to fully focus on your professional challenges.
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Healthy food

We are certified by “Fourchette Verte” for our versatile and healthy food.
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Centrally located and excellently reachable

Our central location can be reached from all different directions without traffic jams and without stress, whether by car or public transportation.
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Sufficient parking spaces

Therefore, a smooth bringing and picking up of your children is guaranteed at all times.
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Long-standing team

Continuity and trusting relationships provide stability and consistency for you and your children.
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We speak English

Thanks to the bilingualism of the founder family and team members, foreign-language speaking parents can discuss their issues in English.