About us

In the light-flooded and large rooms of 500 m2, the focus is on learning while playing with the children. For the discovery and development of the individual talents, it is necessary to have the ideal environment and caregivers, who are holistically present and actively listening. In planning and furnishing of the premises, Kita Chinderwält has put the exciting world of children in the foreground. The rooms offer plenty of space for fun play, discovery, movement, but also to do nothing. On the associated adventure playground or in the nearby forest area with its own woodland sofa, digging, exploring nature and a lot of running around is possible.

The key carers accompany every single child lovingly, with authenticity and respect. They protect their privacy and integrity and are reliable caregivers. The child learns that they are allowed to show and express emotions and needs without judgement. Rituals also give the children security and confidence, so that the day-to-day day-care centre becomes an unlimited positive experience.

Parents can trust on reliable care, because the daycare is open almost the whole year. The daycare only closes between Christmas and New Year and on public holidays.

Kita Chinderwält is part of the Nurseries pool of the city of Baden and therefore offers subsidized childcare places.

Kita Chinderwält is also part of Children’s World Group.

We speak English

Thanks to the bilingualism of the founder family and team members, foreign-language speaking parents can discuss their issues in English.

«Take a child by the hand and let yourself be led, listen attentively, and you enter a world that you have long forgotten.»