Mobile, smart and innovative – Children’s World is now communicating via a parent app!

Technological developments are rapid and are changing the way we inform ourselves and how we communicate. We want to see this change as an opportunity and therefore introduce the Kidesia parents app.


A very important and significant factor is the area of communication, especially in cooperation with parents. Good and fast accessibility, flexibility and, above all, timely exchange of information are part of a customer-oriented support that is required in the age of digitalization and on which we rely.

Together with our customers/parents, we are entering a new phase on the way to the mobile digital future. That’s why we chose a parent app as a communication solution.

Our partner Kidesia, a young Swiss IT company offers software solutions for care facilities such as daycare centres and schools. At our locations, we are already working with the administration software, which is very proven and can be designed efficiently and effectively. The parent app is also part of the digital solution offered by Kidesia and it enables an effective and easy exchange with the daycare center.

We attach the highest importance to the quality assurance of the data collected, i.e. to data protection. We ad here consistently and properly to the requirements and comply with the requirements, sot hat, for example, images can only be viewed if a written approval and a declaration of consent are available.

We look forward to the introduction of the Kidesia parents app!